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HALLO office building, a new landmark in Riga

HALLO office building, a new landmark in Riga

Annvil brought back to life another new public space in the center of Riga: what was a private parking space in Barona Street 69 has become a new landmark in the capital, Latvia. Annvil has created branding, architecture, and design for its interior and exterior.
The HALLO office building continues Annvil’s initiative: replacing the parking lots in the courtyard with a multifunctional, publicly accessible yard for every visitor to Riga. The yard simultaneously functions as a meeting spot, leisure place, and HALLO office space extension.

Bearing in mind people will inhabit HALLO office building daily; the design expands the boundaries of office functions, spilling out the building to offer a new kind of outdoor work experience. The courtyard transforms to extend essential office features, including a workstation, a meeting area, and a dining area. The outdoor space adapts to its changing environment, thus ensuring full user capacity for at least half the year.


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