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Value, created by thoughtful design.

For us, design is more than just a tool. It is a dimension of human existence that affects the way we feel and think today, as well as shaping our tomorrow. The effect of design ranges from molecular to planetary, making it one of the most interesting and demanding endeavours in the world.

We believe in value, created by thoughtful design. Value that remains and continues to shine once the creative team has left and the place starts to live its own life.

This is how design can bring long-term benefits for all – for customers and their businesses, for end users and the wider society. That is why we bring together such diverse teams and invest so much energy in detailed research into every project we are engaged in. We are conscious of the impact a well-designed space has on us as humans — on our productiveness at work, on our ability to rest and restart again, on our relationships and sense of self-worth.

That is why we are so considerate about every element of space on every level — dimensions, lighting, colours and surfacesall aspects of design work together to ensure that individuals, teams and communities will benefit from every space we create for years to come. Everything we design is a building block for our future, uniting sensations, moods and ideas into one coherent whole of balanced human existence.

We take an adaptive and functional approach to team-making, engaging with various experts and specific professionals whenever a project needs it. However, our core team doesn’t change:

A hub of creative minds pursuing long-standing values in design

Anna Bates

Founder, Designer in Charge

Areas of expertise: spacemaking, interior design, design for efficiency and wellbeing

A result-driven spacemaking visionary, Anna is the founding mother of Annvil and the main creative force behind the office’s extensive portfolio. Starting her career as an acclaimed interior designer, Anna founded Annvil as a place where innovative practice comes into synergy with trailblazing theory. She believes that design is not only what you see, but how it makes you feel today and how it creates your tomorrow.

Janis Gavars

Managing Director

Areas of expertise: business strategy, company management, client relations

For Jānis, design is first and foremost a means of reaching the client’s business goals. The mastermind behind Annvil’s own strategic development, Jānis also ensures that investments in the value created by Annvil become a lasting asset and a powerful competitive advantage for the studio’s clients. Achieving this today means accommodating both the growing demands of end-users and expanding sustainability requirements.