Spatial Design Practice

Doing designs harmonic, responsible and sustaining environments that support human dwelling in the age of climate change, globalization and technological hegemony.      


ANNVIL is an interdisciplinary studio that collaborates with creative professionals from various fields, including architects, designers, strategists, urbanists, scientists, social anthropologists, developers, and thinkers with a purpose to stimulate multi-dimensional discussion where diverse opinions from a different perspective are involved.

Anna Bates (1980) founded Annvil in 2004. Based in Riga, Latvia, Annvil has become an industry leader, with a diverse portfolio including hospitality, commercial, residential, hi-rise, office, and masterplan design. Annvil is taking part in global and local cultural discourse. Most recently, contributing at the AEDES gallery in Berlin with 100 EXPERIMENTS exhibition. In 2016, Anna Bates created SLEEP WITH A CITY exhibition, which took a part in the Borders festival at the 2016 Venice International Architecture Biennale. In 2017, Anna Bates established Cobalt, an architecture and design company in Baku, Azerbaijan. Cobalt has grown to 25 employees in less than a year, and its artistic direction is setting a new frontier for the architecture in the region. In 2021, Anna Bates successfully launched a campaign on Kickstarter for her upcoming book INCEPTION, where 111 of the world’s most remarkable architects were invited to co-author the book of collective creation.

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