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Riverside hotel

Riverside hotel

Usually, the hotel is a destination of tourism or business trip. In a way, it is a self-contained structure, without direct dialogue with the city commune. We want to change it, so the Riverside Hotel is built as a point of intersection where visitors and city residents interact. The interior becomes an intermediary between these two target groups and creates a new public place in the city where to meet, build relationships and spend time together.

The four-star Riverside Hotel is a Wellton Group hotel located on a seven-floor high-rise new building in the Riga Old Town, on the right bank of the Daugava River. Three corps of the building are equipped with 300 rooms. Annvil designs the interior of the hotel’s public areas, including a lobby, a restaurant, a bar, a breakfast room and a conference room.

The name of the hotel makes up the connection with the location of the building – Daugava River. The presence of water transforms into an interior flowing motion format.

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