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ZUZEUM, a multifunctional art centre in Riga, Latvia

ZUZEUM, a multifunctional art centre in Riga, Latvia

Zuzeum, a new, multifunctional art center, located in Riga, Latvia is a significant contribution to the Baltic`s art infrastructure. Zuzeum is housed in a former cork factory designed and built in 1910.

MMP carried out the implementation of a design project in the amount of 4000 m2, which includes the implementation and management of both interior and exterior projects. The project included the production and installation of various specific and complex custom-made solutions, selection, testing, and installation of finishes, as well as the delivery and installation of design furniture, accessories and plumbing. According to the design concept, part of the furniture was ordered and delivered from Indonesia, including wooden tables, benches, and chairs.

Concrete and metal are the two main materials used in the ZUZEUM project. Special skills and experience were required in the manufacturing of the main staircase, which connects the entrance area with the exhibition hall. The stair is finished with high-detail metal construction, while the treads of the stairs are made out of tined, cast concrete. In cooperation with partners in Estonia, the A metal grid for the entrance was made in cooperation with partners in Estonia. Specific construction was assembled like a puzzle from separate elements.

Due to the specifics of the climate, function and load, the materials used outdoors, including in the yard and on the roof terrace, have been carefully tested. The yard and outdoor benches are made of cast concrete, which is initially tinted to the full depth of the mass, then polished and oiled. All metal parts for the outdoors are galvanized and impregnated to ensure the highest quality and durability.

Scope of works:

  • Fit out
  • Delivery of furniture, design accessories
  • Production and installation of custom made furniture – sofas, tables, wardrobe, custom made metal items, bar counter
  • Production of curtains
  • project type: production
  • production by: MAKEMAKE PRODUCTION
  • area: 4000 m2
  • location: Riga, Latvia
  • status: built
  • year: 2020
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