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VUC – Education and Science centre

VUC – Education and Science centre

Infinite space effect – the illusory universe. Space spherical shape blurs the perception of the usual space dimension. Flowing and curved lines manipulates with a space proportion. It isn`t  possible to define the boundaries of space – the start and end points are only imaginary. All perspectives of rooms – a floor, walls and ceiling are merged into whole core. It helps to create endless space effect. It is an illusory universe space, which is marked with a imagenary lines.

Plastic / futuristic / monolithic. Plastic streamlining ongoing into silhouettes of exhibition object. These lines organically blends with the space and creates a uniform amount of space. Roundish shape of objects allows to see them smoothly, creating a soft light and shade and creates futuristic associations. As an accent – a diverse range of finishes, that highlight the contrasting textures. Exhibition objects are made of polycarbonate, synthetic stone (Korian), aluminum.

As a white sheet for clear inscription. White tone dominates in all spatial dimensions – in height, width and depth.The color visually expands the space, make it brighter, allowing the light to create a spatial feeling. The space works as a laconic and clean background for content of VUC. It is like a white sheet for clear inscription, which makes easier to perceive the space.

  • project type: public
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • project leader: Diāna Kūla
  • status: concept
  • year: 2015
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