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Teze Bazaar

Teze Bazaar

Teze Bazaar, a 70-year old landmark in the center of Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, is prepared for a new vision of the market, public space, trading, culture, and meeting place in the city.

Historically speaking markets have been one of the most important social catalysts in the city, a space for everyone, with a low threshold to participate. These unique cities within the city have an atmosphere and characteristic defined by their intensity, sounds, smells, textures and colors, and the feeling of getting lost and finding the unexpected.

Situated between new, medium-high end residential development and small scale, low-income neighborhood to the west (Kubinka), Teze has been irresponsive to the change in the community as well as culture. We are witnessing a contemporary shift in values that are challenging the typology of the traditional market. A shift where an economy of expediency – supermarkets, fast food, big-box shopping – threaten the value placed on local quality, the person-to-person exchange of goods and services, and the vital importance of social sustainability.

Teze Bazar is a wonderful labyrinth of spaces and places, rich in color, texture, and history. Through a careful analysis of the existing structures, like an archeological site, we have discovered an abundance of unique conditions as well as physical materials that can be preserved, recycled, upcycled, and translated into the future Teze Bazar. In this way the spirit of Teze will move forward, connecting memories with discoveries.

The architecture is inspired by one of the most important characteristics of the traditional market: the public spaces. Boulevards, streets, squares, corners are the primary spaces for social interaction.
By focusing on the in-between spaces, where ‘we’ feel and discover the city, the architecture of the shops, restaurants, and stands take back their significance and relevance. Meanwhile, these ‘free’ spaces are returned to the city – spaces for everyone – pregnant with possibility.

Third Space is the new communal space in the city. It is the space where private and public coalesce – meet, share, debate, converge, relax, make friends, and discoveries. The third space provides openness and flexibility while cultivating social capital and promoting communal values. It is a space for speculation that works both independently from the market yet pro ts from its proximity – extending the opening hours of the market and primed for curation; exhibitions, performances, lm screenings, board games, taste testing, concerts, or just reading, resting and relaxing.


  • type: public
  • area: 20000 m2
  • architecture: Space Group
  • interior design: Annvil
  • designer: Anna Bates
  • team:
  • status: concept design and technical drawings
  • year: 2019-2020
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