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Take Away Interior, Portable Walls

Take Away Interior, Portable Walls

In accordance with your inner space and not form, will bring in your life real perspective and balance. When your inner space is organized so is your outer space. Everything that happens, comes from within. The only thing that does not change is the change itself. By changing your inner space, you will change your outer space as well. I wish everyone to experiment with himself in order to change the world and to stay in presence – here and now!

The idea for portable walls came as a response to the dynamic rhythm of the 21st century. Mobility is an essential part of the modern lifestyle, and the design now requires the ability to transform. We included these principles in the “Take Away” design concept. The portable wall is multifunctional because it solves the most important functions of the room. It includes furniture, a shelving system, a place for books and other practical solutions. It becomes the central element of the room.


  • project type: furniture
  • interior architect: Anna Bates
  • status: completed
  • photo: Aleksejs Belokopitovs
  • year: 2011
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