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Dzintars Cosmetics Factory

Dzintars Cosmetics Factory

Annvil in collaboration with Space Group has won the competition for  Dzintars cosmetics factory reconstruction in Riga, Latvia. The design concept is based on a sustainable design approach. It has a strong focus on social sustainability, adaptive reuse, and multifunctional solutions. “By reusing the existing structure and materials of the building, we believe that a design concept based on a circular economy approach can effectively balance social, economical, and environmental aspects. Social sustainability combines physical design with a social world design—infrastructure that supports social and cultural life, social amenities, community engagement, and a place for people and places to evolve naturally,” explains Annvil founder Anna Bates

  • project type: reconstruction
  • total area: ground area - 65 300 m2, buildings - 48 000 m2
  • client: H.A.Brieger
  • design: Annvil / Space Group
  • team: Anna Bates, Gary Bates, Eduards Beernaerts, Ilze Rukmane – Poča, Rihards Bebris, Reinis Sokolovs, Ance Stīpniece, Jēkabs Šmits, Edīte Bokāne, Italo Armone
  • status: competition
  • year: 2021
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