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Prostneset Terminal, Tromso

Prostneset Terminal, Tromso

“A square for sharing. A place for sharing. I am what I share. We are what we share.” This is our motto for the Prostneset terminal that motivates the interaction between place, time and the individual. Urban space is a tool that drives society in a certain direction, promoting interaction and co-existence among people. This action will be the compass for the future of the city. Through new activities, the public will be stimulated to progress, thus contributing to their future. Consequently, the concept has been shaped in the form of a future story – beating in mind what will be relevant and perspective in the future. Nowadays, time is much more compressed and limited, as people have many more options how to use it. This is one of the starting points of the concept – to create an environment that allows spending quality time. Three basic functions come into the foreground – dialogue with the city, dialogue with nature and dialogue with each other. The urban functions are derived from the needs of locals and visitors, as well as the surrounding environment. Keeping in mind that 1/10 of the Tromso population is made up of students (University of Tromso, Tromso University College, Norwegian College of Fisher school, Tromso University of Business school), we focused mainly on activities for a comparatively young audience. It’s a group of people that can process and handle new information; they are more flexible regarding innovations. The second largest target group in Tromso is families with children. The urban space we created is full of activity – both sports, as well as individual tasks and even more passive activities that allow leisurely time. Moreover, given the specific Tromso weather conditions – constant lack of light and longer periods of darkness – activities in the parks are transformable and adaptable to any weather.

  • project type: public
  • mentor: Anna Butele (annvil.lv)
  • architecture: Space Group (www.spacegroup.no)
  • landscape: Linda Zala (www.zala.lv), Ilze Rukšāne (www. alpspace.lv)
  • status: concept
  • year: 2015
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