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Two-block Building in Riga`s Quite centre

Two-block Building in Riga`s Quite centre

The two-block building in Jeruzalemes street 5 and the building in Dzirnavu street 36 are located in the historical part of Riga city which is known as the Quiet Centre. This part of the city is included in the UNESCO list of World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Here you can find the most spectacular and magnificent Art Nouveau buildings in the world. Thanks to the representative architecture, the nearby diplomatic area of embassies, and the harmonious environment, the Quiet Centre can be certainly considered as one of the most exclusive and safest regions in Riga. This is the place where the exquisite and historical atmosphere meets the modern rhythm of life.

In 2007 was announced an open architectural ideas competition. The best solution for the project “Reconstruction of apartment residential buildings and new building in Riga, Dzirnavu street 36 and Jeruzalemes street 5” with the motto “Dz36 + J5” won “Palast Architect,” but the right to develop the interior received Annvil.

The interior for the two-block building in Jeruzalemes street 5 and the building in Dzirnavu street 36 is similar to yacht interior design. Yacht interior design are made from high – quality materials, thus ensuring not only safety. Yacht design traditions are ancient, therefore a great attention is paid to the details of the interior. Each shape, line, texture and element is elaborate and produces marvelous effect.

Only construction materials of superior quality dominate in the yacht interiors of the two buildings in Jeruzalemes street 4 and Dzirnavu street 36. Floors are covered with tarquet – its texture visually is similar to yacht flooring. Walls and ceiling – painted white, in some places leaving the concrete exposed. White painted wooden windows and doors. Wall and ceiling joints left uncovered, without floor moldings. Doors in the same level as walls.

Design accents is put on superior quality in door furniture, plumbing, heating devices, and electricity accessories selection.

  • project type: house complex
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • project leader: Gita Baumane
  • architecture: Palast Architect
  • status: concept proposal
  • year: 2013
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