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A hotel in Moscow

A hotel in Moscow


There is a hypothesis that claims that any two people in the world are no more than six handshakes away. Looking from this perspective, the world indeed is quite a small place. This gives a reason to think that we each could have a friend in Moscow – the city that never sleeps. And it’s wonderful to meet friends, isn’t it? That’s why the vision was to create a feeling that you come to visit a friend, rather than staying in an impersonal hotel room. The new hotel is located in the vicinity of the impressive VDNKh exhibition center, which serves as an inspiration for the new interior architectural design. The architecture opposes excessive luxury to modernize the existing complex. The modern-day hotels are entwined with the concept of change. Based on the interior design of the ‘60s, we created the contemporary face of the hotels. Iconic elements come to life through textile, texture, and accessories. The vintage furniture design has been stylized in a modern way. As an accent for it all, large-scale prints on vinyl wallpaper serve as an alternative for actual interior elements – houseplants, bookshelves, design accessories. This radiates a genuine feeling of coziness.

The VDNKh park is a symbol of friendship, allowing the visitor to travel from the Arctic to Kamchatka and even further. Just like each pavilion of the VDNKh exhibition center, characterized by its own theme, the hotel too incorporates elements and materials associated with the diversity of Russian culture. For example, the birch theme has been adapted from the Karelia pavilion; concrete, glass, stone, and stainless steel all associate with Moscow pavilion. Felt associates with the Arctic, tiles come from the Ukrainian facade, etc.

In the ‘60s, fluorescent and bright colors could be found anywhere – in posters, miniskirt, accessories, even miniature peace signs. This palette has been used in the hotel concept as well. On some parts of the wall, you can see concise and motivational expressions about friendship that serve as a source of inspiration and self-development.

  • project type: hospitality
  • area:
  • interior architect: Anna Bates
  • team: Diāna Kūla, Ilvars Jermacāns, Aleksandrs Dubovskis
  • 3D artist: Yurii Suhov
  • status: proposal
  • year: 2014
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