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Elizabete Garden Residence. A building complex

Elizabete Garden Residence. A building complex

For the building complex Elizabete Garden Residence we created a business concept model, renovated the facade of the building, upgraded the outdoor space and designed the interior. The business concept creates an image of a contemporary residential complex, thus boosting the apartment sales. This concept has four essential advantages – the location, the historical value of architecture, a courtyard garden, and the services similar to that of a boutique style hotel. The building complex with premium class apartments and an autonomous courtyard garden is located in Art Nouveau Center of Riga, on Elizabetes Street 4. There are several shared public areas in the complex – the lobby, a wine cellar including a tasting room and a garden. The garden adds unique value to the building, as this is one of those rare yards in the Historic center of Riga that has its own garden.

The interior is an extension of the eclectic architecture – it focuses on past values and combines various historical styles.

Elizabete Garden Residence is located among the most notable Art Nouveau buildings in Latvia. Designed in 1883 by architect Karlis Felsko, the building became a symbol for all of the major architectural tendencies of that era. The architecture of the building is eclectic, with Classicism elements and Neo-Baroque decoration.


  • project type: private
  • area: 1631 m2
  • interior architect: Anna Bates
  • team: Agnese Vilkausa, Berta Lerhe, Diana Kula
  • 3D artist: Augusts Galins
  • status: in progress
  • year: 2017
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