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Days Hotel Riga VEF

Days Hotel Riga VEF

Approximately two decades ago, the owners of the hotel realized that a proper in-house kitchen could be a great benefit. Now, however, more than ever people appreciate tasteful public interior of high-quality. Combining both elements can enhance the well-being of the clients, as well as promote business growth. This correlation was also noted by Days Hotel Riga VEF of the Hotel Group Chain. The hotel has 135 rooms and is located next to the former industrial area of VEF (State Electronic Factory), which for many years manufactured a variety of electrical appliances. Nowadays, this area has turned into a creative cultural district, hosting many artist workshops and events. Because of the location, the hotel restaurant is visited not only by tourists but by locals as well. That’s why the primary goal of the project is to create an interior for both of these two audiences. The concept of the interior drew its inspiration from the name of the hotel, associating with the Sun and daylight and emphasizing brightness, lightness, and warmth. Each of the hotel’s floors is set in a different color scheme, and this theme is reflected in the dynamic spectrum of the restaurant.

  • project type: public
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • project leader: Gita Baumane
  • photographer: Ingus Bajārs
  • status: completed
  • year: 2013
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