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Concept proposal for Viking Museum in Oslo

Concept proposal for Viking Museum in Oslo

In collaboration with Norwegian architecture office SPACEGROUP,  we participated in the open competition for a major expansion of the 1920s Viking Museum designed by Norwegian architect Arnstein Arneberg. The museum is located on Oslo’s Bygdøy peninsula and contains some of the largest collections of extraordinary objects from the Viking age, as well as three Viking boats. The vision. Complimenting the strong form of the existing Viking Museum, the new museum is a worthy counterpart, exploring the contrasts between building and nature, between controlled and uncontrolled spaces, between object and subject. Our vision is to build a museum for the future culture that is inclusive of urban and collective vibes. Urban space. Just like Centre Pompidou in Paris, the museum is a valuable public space and an important actor in the urban iconography of the city. Our vision for the new Viking Age Museum makes space for the non-designed, non-programmed, and unknowns of the city. The plan. We offer many possible combinations of movement through the galleries, hence stimulating dynamic relationship between the many different visitors. Flexibility in visitor flow is essential to the success of a contemporary museum. The architectural aspect. The contrast of the space reflects the Viking’s narrative – it’s as surprising as the world they explored, and at the same time, it values the feeling of home. Historical preservation. We want to create a situation where the new and old merge effortlessly, building a new identity without either compromising the other.

The competition was organized by state building company “Statsbygg.” In total, 110 participants from all over the world submitted applications.

  • type: competition entry
  • architecture: SPACE GROUP ( www.spacegroup.no )
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • status: concept
  • year: 2016
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