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City within city. Co-working space

City within city. Co-working space


Without the city, there would be no Teika. Without Teika, there would be no Jauna Teika (New Teika). The city becomes the foundation for the coworking concept. The city enters through the gates of coworking bringing the structure and functions of the urban environment with it. The footprints of the city. A sidewalk, the facade of a building, fences – all marked with crayon and chalk. They transform into a solid finish and cover the planes of the space – the floor, walls, the ceiling. They all become a place for taking notes. A park in the city. There’s a man sitting on the bench; it’s so peaceful. The sounds of the city echo in the background, while you feel and breathe nature. The park plays a significant role in the coworking space and adds greenery, as well as generates the oh-so-needed oxygen. The coworking space becomes the essence of the city. The streets of the city are filled with heroes – historical, imaginary or real. Every one of us can be a hero, just like Valters Caps – he is one of the legends of Jauna Teika. The coworking space created their hero who embodies ambition and a vivid character. And there’s also a courtyard. The perfect place where you and the city can become one. Or just the opposite – take a break from the urban restlessness and feel the solitude for a moment. The darkroom of the coworking space is just like the courtyard, bound by opaque walls and confidentiality.

  • project type: office
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • team: Diāna Kūla, Dace Karole
  • area:
  • year: 2017
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