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CABIN Holiday House

CABIN Holiday House

The Cabin designed by SPACEGROUP and built by MAKEMAKE PRODUCTION sets a new living standard, providing a sustainable design – ‘simple luxury’ – with a minimal physical encroachment on nature and the terrain.

Makemake will manufacture and supply the cabin’s prefabricated components, lead the installation process, and provide you with any additional support required. With this digitized solution, we minimize waste, ensure a high quality of execution, and eliminate the need for heavy machinery for installation. This convenient and very hands-on approach to constructing a cabin not only preserves the environment but also presents a more personal experience for the cabin owner.

The thoughtful and innovative design breaks the contemporary pattern of oversized cabins with large, unsustainable carbon footprints. Our idea is based on a traditional but forgotten ‘light-touch’ approach: smart units (64 m2 footprint), 100% wood construction, carefully hovering above the landscape; environmentally friendly and socially inclusive. The design allows the cabin to coexist with the natural surroundings.

The original- ‘Type I’ – the cabin was designed on location, on a steep and densely forested part of an island in the Norwegian Fjords. Spacegroup worked closely with an arborist, a rock climber, and a team of architects in ‘reading’ the site and developing the idea.

We have tried to think of everything, but in case you wish to have a more tailored option for the interiors our highly acclaimed partner from Annvil can help you realize these.

Each cabin is approximately 102 square meters (1097 square feet), including the semi-open terrace on the second floor and the balcony on the first.

The cabin is, without a doubt, tastefully and wonderfully done. It is sustainable, innovative, inviting, and secluded. What more could a nature-lover ask for?

  • projec type: construction / production
  • architecture: SPACEGROUP
  • construction / production: MAKEMAKE Production
  • area: interior - 64 m2, outdoors - 38 m2
  • year: 2020-2021
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