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Flat for a creative personality

Flat for a creative personality

The environment in which a person lives is a story about the personality that lives in it. The environment around is a mirror image of a person, each thing has its own story in its reflection. On the one hand, the interior of this apartment is a story about a musician, a colorful and talented person, on the other hand – this is a story about a family home resided in by six people. As a result, the interior is designed as a balance between individually strong personality and family life.

This apartment is like a living and growing organism, which is constantly evolving and growing with the size of the family and its needs. Annvil has been present at all three stages of the development of the apartment for ten years. The first stage, when a part of the apartment was made as a surprise to his wife, the second – the continuation of the interior for the remaining volume of the apartment, the third – the expansion of the apartment, redevelopment and renovation.

The composition of the family has doubled in recent years and the size of the apartment has doubled. By combining an existing apartment with an adjoining apartment, extra space was obtained, which was primarily used for the foundation of bedrooms.

  • project type: private
  • area: 114 m2
  • interior architect: Anna Bates, Kristine Amatniece
  • 3D: Augusts Galins
  • year: 2018
  • status: ongoing
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