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New identity of Annvil office

New identity of Annvil office

“When it’s dark outside and the lights are on in the office, the interior becomes part of the exterior. Thus, colors and their energy literally comes outside the space,” designer Anna Bates sketches the design concept of Annvil’s office that is recently opened at Kalnciema Quarter in Riga, Latvia. “Within the framework of the ongoing projects, we’re studying the environmental impact on human consciousness, well-being, and behavior. The principles set out in the research have been integrated into the new interior of the Annvil’s office. Interior interaction with surrounding is the key concept,” explains Anna Bates.

Kalnciema Quarter is one of Riga’s liveliest cultural centers, with regular open-air concerts, art exhibitions, and market. The Quarter is a part of Riga’s wooden architecture heritage dating back to the 19th century and representing the epoch of the late Classicism in Europe. It has been included in Latvian Cultural Canon.

  • project type: office
  • area:
  • interior architect: Anna Bates
  • team: Kristina Reinberga, Edite Bokane, Diana Rupeika, Reinis Sokolovs, Agnese Vilkausa, Sabine Eigmina
  • photographer: Ingus Bajars
  • year: 2019
  • status: completed
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