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Annvil Office on Alberta Street

Annvil Office on Alberta Street

Quiet center, also called the pearl of Riga Art Nouveau, is a significant area of the Art Nouveau architecture both on a national, as well as European level. All buildings on Alberta Street are architectural monuments of national importance. The same goes for the building on Alberta Street 11 – the location of the Annvil office. The building, designed by architect Eizens Laube, is an example of national romanticism architecture and is characterized by a laconic, yet articulate facade with different textures, wood, and other natural materials. Looking out the window, there’s a magnificent view over one of the most exquisite Art Nouveau streets in Riga, measuring 255 meters in length. The Art Nouveau Museum is located just across the street from Annvil Office. The saturated architecture motivated to create contrasting design in the office. The historical foundation such as original flooring, ceiling decorations, and wooden details serves as the primary base for the interior design. 20th century meets the 21st century in the space of the same office. The open plan office interior has been created based on the effect colors have on the well-being of a person. Each color sets off a vibration that emits different kind of energy which significantly affects the human consciousness and action. Bright color combinations and fluorescent tones boost creativity. If you’re lucky, you might find inspirational and humorous expressions in various places of the office. So keep your eyes wide open.

  • project type: office
  • area:
  • interior architect: Anna Bates
  • status: completed
  • year: 2012
  • photographer: Ingus Bajārs
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