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Chelonia, a two-story apartment in St. Petersburg

Chelonia, a two-story apartment in St. Petersburg

“Парадный квартал” is a newly built and highly respectable area in the center of St. Petersburg. The building was built in the neoclassicism style. It consists of several blocks which are not only apartments, but office buildings, shops, lounges, and various other services. Because of the speedy development of the district, this area is known as the Golden Mile. We designed a two-story penthouse apartment with the total area of 450 m2. The upper floor is occupied by parents, while the whole of the lower floor is left for the children. If you look at the layout of the apartment from above, it takes the shape of a turtle, so we’ve incorporated the values of this animal into the apartment:Longevity – only high-quality finishing materials were used in the project. Safety – we used Smart house technology to provide extra security. Stability – shapes, colors, texture and other details of the design were chosen by their quality and sustainability; this allows the design to be timely. Harmony – the two floors of the apartment symbolize the two generations of the family coming together. Innovation – we’ve used the latest technology for best benefits in the long-term.

  • project type: private
  • area: 450 m2
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • team: Gita Baumane, Ilvars Jermacāns
  • 3D artist: Olga Ponomarjova
  • status: in progress
  • year: 2014
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