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A house with a heritage in progress

A house with a heritage in progress

A project of architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design – that’s what we created for the building complex in Ozolnieki. The goal of the project is to create a house that’s a heritage for the future generations. The owner’s view is that a home is a place that embodies the value of timeless design, able to live on for generations. A home is a place where one spends every day. For your whole life. It’s a heritage for the generations to come. Taking this into consideration, we created a project that’s not set in specific time. It was popular yesterday, and it will be popular tomorrow. We used high-quality material that symbolizes the long-lasting quality and the value of good design.

The building complex is located in a scenic area in Zemgale – on the riverbank, surrounded by vast green area. At first, only a dwelling house, built in the ‘50s, was located on the land. However, the proximity of the river and the lifestyle of the owners soon urged the need for a bathhouse, a holiday house, as well as separate guesthouses.

The dwelling house, built in the last century, has been transformed to meet the needs of a modern lifestyle. The location of the house, as well as its foundations, formed the base for the new building. The architecture, in this case, consists of rather classic shapes and proportions. Regarding function, the first floor houses a shared space for family use – a kitchen, dining area, living room and office, while the bedrooms are located on the second floor.

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