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Boutique Hotel in Old Town Riga

Boutique Hotel in Old Town Riga

This project of interior architecture, taking the form of a six-story building with a rooftop terrace, is located in Old Town Riga. Restaurant St. Petrus is situated on the first two floors of the building, while the other four house a boutique hotel.

The new building won the Annual Latvian Architecture Award in 2015 and is located in the heart of Old Town Riga – on Skarnu Street 11. It is one of the few buildings of the 21st century that harmoniously complement the Medieval and monumental architecture in the Historic center of Riga. After some examination, architecture firm Jaunromans un Abele, the designers of the building, revealed that historically there had been three stylistically different buildings on the location. Their form became a testimony and the starting point of the architectural concept.

Irregular forms of the building significantly affected the functional planning. Sharp edges and robust corners dominate the architecture. However, these have been hidden behind plastic and flowing lines in the interior, thus creating a proportional, logical and precise layout of the space.

The target audience of the hotel appreciates quality, design with an identity and the advantages of the location. It was important for us to keep in mind how people perceive the surrounding environment with their senses – sight, hearing and the sense of touch. Therefore, we created an atmosphere that associates with a private living space. Each room of the hotel makes one feel at home, rather than in a random hotel.

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