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Welcome to St.Petrus Restaurant

Welcome to St.Petrus Restaurant


St.Petrus restaurant is located in Riga’s Old Town. It occupies the first two floors of the building and each one of them is designed for a different business model. The first floor is a gastro bar with an open-plan kitchen. The second floor is a restaurant with a fine dining experience.

Characteristic elements of architecture are textured facades and expressive windows which is a starting point for an interior concept. The link between the interior and architecture is based on a principle of contrasts. Natural daylight that enters through the windows reinforces the rhythm of lights and shadows. This is translated into the motive of textures, which creates a dynamic atmosphere.

Considering an irregular shape of architecture, the main object of the restaurant is an open plan kitchen which is located in the center of the building’s first floor. The shape of it follows the outline of the architecture, the same as rest of the functions. The same principle is also applied on the second floor.

For us, it was important to continue the idea of the facade on the ground floor, which provides an extra flow of daylight. We created a permanent feeling of the daytime atmosphere. The second floor has a fine dining concept that defines a label of the restaurant – a special menu and service. Following this, the mood of the second-floor restaurant is more oriented to the evening atmosphere, compared to the dynamic gastro bar.

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