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The revival vision of the quarter in Baku

The revival vision of the quarter in Baku

Within the framework of the Baku old city revival, Annvil, in cooperation with Cobalt, is working on a development vision for 4.7 ha that includes making new buildings in two quarters taking up 27 000 m2.

At the beginning of the 20th century other industrial sectors, which contributed to Baku’s growth to the size of an industrial centre of the Russian Empire, arose along with the industrial extraction of oil. The rapid economic growth contributed to the formation of a well-established layer of society – entrepreneurs and traders who, in turn, built a large number – whole quarters – of new and modern buildings in the city. The area, where the revival project is currently planned, used to be an elite area of the city that degraded during the economic downturn and has now lost its former attractiveness.

The revival project intends to identify the cultural heritage of the quarter and return its original charm as well as to eliminate any minor temporary structures and eyesores. In addition to architectural solutions, it has been planned to give sustainable functional fulfillment to the buildings.  The untapped potential of the quarter reveals itself after we lift the abandonment layer. Based on detailed urban research and analysis, we propose a future vision of the quarter’s regeneration, which will contribute to the growth of the quarter through architectural improvement and the development of a new cultural space, and it will increase the quality of life of the inhabitants.

It is planned to complement the territory with modern architecture that, by interacting with existing buildings, would create a favorable environment for the coexistence of various functions, including multi-apartment houses, cultural institutions, and commercial premises, while also respecting the historic heritage, scale and spatial extent of the quarter. A variety of features will enhance the interaction between different audiences. The culture of presence in the inner courtyards that historically characterizes Baku city and its public space is one of the priorities which are planned to be reanimated and reintegrated into everyday life. In order to promote active use of the public outdoor space, one of the central quarter’s streets is planned to be transformed into a pedestrian street. The public outdoor space and new cultural objects will become a meeting place for the inhabitants of the quarter; it will attract a new audience from other parts of the city as well as tourists.

The quarter’s development vision will serve as an incentive for the development of neighborhoods, primarily thinking about the physical and emotional comfort of a person by sharing and improving one living space. Such a model will inspire uninterrupted life in the revived part of the city.

This vision is shaped like a well-wish for the city. Each action and initiative is a deliberate step to inspire the city’s residents to improve at an individual and collective level.

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