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Architecture of summer house in Sunny Valley

Architecture of summer house in Sunny Valley

Saulkrasti is a city located on the seacoast of the Gulf of Riga. In the 1960s, for the development plan of the city, plots of land were dedicated to the construction of individual buildings. As a result, horticultural cooperatives with cottages were established. Areas of these cooperative are characterized by intensive building density and a small backyard area. The architecture of the summer cottage in the Sun Valley is a typical project of 60`s. During the reconstruction process, the proportion of the existing building was left intact. Substantial changes have been made to the finish of the house.

The finish is inspired by the environment and the colorful architecture around, which over the years has been coated with self-made elements that visually reminds patches. For this reason, the finish of building is designed as a collage, consisting of a variety of texture. The metal, which is the main finish is used for a roof and facade also. For this reason, there is no overhang of the roof, all the dimensions of the house have been merged into a single volume. The glass facade of the building facing the courtyard breaks the boundary between the indoor and outdoor.  Also, the terrace creates the effect that it is a continuation of the house’s facade.

The concept of the integrity of the whole continues inside. A gable roof with an open ceiling defines the character of the interior. The area of 71 m2 is designed as a wide open space, divided into zones which are separated by different type of furniture. There is a greenhouse in the courtyard which works as a rest area at the same time.

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