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Prostneset Terminal, Tromso

Prostneset Terminal, Tromso

A square for sharing. A place for sharing. I am what I share. We are what we share. When shaping an urban space, you have to look into the future in order to guide the public a certain way. This encourages interaction among people and provides to them closeness and common emotions.It includes a high level of public interaction and involvement – initiative. Urban space is a tool to move community in the certain way of development. Purposeful action will serve as a compass for the future. Through new activities, the public will be stimulated to progress, and in this way, it will contribution to their future.

Environment that enables the use of high-quality time. Time is becoming increasingly limited and people have a lot of options on how to use it. Therefore, the environment has to offer an opportunity to spend it qualitatively.

Future bequest form – with the thought of what will arise tomorrow, will inject new ideas about community development perspective. With the aim of enabling the public value grows and initiative in the field.

Urban space consists of two dimensions: functionality and visual reproduction. Functionality attributes to the activities while visual reproduction to the aesthetics. Function in urban settings can be active recreation as sports activities and individual exercises, however, passive recreation can be associated with the mere presence in an open space. Today, people prefer spaces where they can accomplish many things in one place. Focus in on multifunctionality: dialog with city, dialog with nature, dialog between each other,

Considering the specific Tromso weather conditions, which are characterized by a constant lack of light and darkness periods, activities in the parks are focused on the ability to transform and adapt to this specific weather conditions

  • project type: public
  • mentor: Anna Butele (annvil.lv)
  • architecture: Space Group (www.spacegroup.no)
  • landscape: Linda Zala (www.zala.lv), Ilze Rukšāne (www. alpspace.lv)
  • status: concept
  • year: 2015
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