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Porta Manana, surf shop

Porta Manana, surf shop

Shop  Port Manana is a sporting goods and clothing store in Latvia, which offers a wide range of sporting brands. This is one of the few places in Riga, where you can buy the world best known surf brand apparel and a specific sport equipment. The product range of the brand is very comprehensive, for this reason,  the store’s concept was to create  an  environment  that  would  divert attention  from  the product  color  and  shape  diversity.

This was done coloring the walls, ceilings and all big plane in bright colors. That created a sense that all store items are mutually-bound rather than representing individual product brands. To  arrange  a  well  organize  environment,  to  the  walls  were  attached  a  metal  structures,  which  created  a    checked  patter.  The  metalic  checked  patter  is  used  as  a  clothes  racks.  This  checked pattern motive is mainstream throughout all Port Manana interior. To  façade  of  the  building  would  be  visible  in  the  evening,  it  was  highlighted  in  the  horizontal planes. Each of the two floors of the store lit up in different colors. Buttom is orange, and a top –blue.    The  color  combination  creates  an  association  with  the  sun  and  water,  which  is  important elements for surfers, wakeborders  and other visitors in the store.

  • project type: retail
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • project leader: Ansis Kempelis
  • photographer: Aleksejs Belokopitovs
  • year: 2009
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