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House with a heritage

House with a heritage

A house complex, including architecture, landscape, and an interior project is located in Ozolnieki. The aim of the project is to create a house as a heritage for the future generations. With respect to the owner`s point of view, a house is a place that embodies timeless design values that continue living for generations. A house – a place for every day. It is a place for all life. It is a heritage for the future generations. In view of this, we created the project, which is not limited in time. It was actual yesterday and will be timely tomorrow. High-quality finishes are used for the projects to symbolize the long-lasting quality and sustainable design. The building complex is located in a green area, on the riverbank. Originally, there was a residential house on a plot, built in the 50s. A proximity to the river and the owners’ lifestyle motivated to build a sauna and a separate house for guests. The last century built house has been transformed to suit a modern lifestyle requirements. A location of the house and its foundations became a base of the new building construction. Architecture is made of a classic shape, proportion, and rhythm. Functionally, on the 1st floor is located shared space for family – a kitchen, dining area, living room and office, while a sleeping area is designed on the 2nd floor.

  • project type: house complex
  • area: interior/architecture - 605 m2, landscape - 6232 m2
  • designer in charge: Anna Butele
  • architect: Ilva Cimermane
  • 3D: Ingus Rinka
  • year: 2017
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