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Landscape for Building Complex in Latgale

Landscape for Building Complex in Latgale

The building complex is located by the lake, surrounded by mixed regions of coniferous and deciduous forests. Concept of landscape is based on a specific climate of region and results of geoecological condition analysis. As well as the history of location, traditions, ethnography and mythological factors – specific features that constitute an identity if this area. Climate and geoecological conditions define life`s quality in this area. We can`t impact a climate in essential way, but we can adjust to it`s specific conditions. The history of this site is recorded in it`s memory and this fact enriches the area.

After exploring a history of the region, we found useful visual elements in a region`s folk costume named – woolen shawl. It expresses an identity, which is associated with a specific geographic area and period of time in history. The woolen shawl serves as a synthesis of ethnographic and a landscape. Bright blue color embodies a reflection of lake, while a bronze color ornaments illustrates systematic and physically tangible structure.
A new greenery are chosen as an improvement of current greenery. We used wild and vulnerary plants to create a maximum natural and untouched environment. There are large-scale groups of mono greenery, which creates unified whole of landscape and set as a background for the architecture.

  • project type: private
  • team: Zala Landscape Architects (www.zala.lv)
  • 3D artist: Kristaps Šulcs
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