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Landscape architecture for a building complex in Latgale, Latvia

Landscape architecture for a building complex in Latgale, Latvia

The building complex is located by the lake, in a vast forested area. The concept of the landscape is based on the specific climate and geology, as well as the history, traditions, ethnographic and mythological aspects of the territory. These features create a unique identity of this area. The climate and geo-ecological conditions define the quality of life. We cannot impact the climate, but we can adjust our way of living.After exploring the history and the folklore of this region, we found a visual element to draw inspiration from. A woolen shawl – it expresses the identity of this area in a very specific way. The azure blue color embodies the reflection of the lake, while the bronze ornaments illustrate the systematic and physical structure. We chose to complement the existing greenery by adding plants from the wilderness, as well as herbs. This creates an impression of a natural and undisturbed environment that doesn’t fragment the landscape and serves as an excellent background for architecture.

  • project type: private
  • team: Zala Landscape Architects (www.zala.lv)
  • 3D artist: Kristaps Šulcs
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