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House complex “Vilhelma nami”. Part III

House complex “Vilhelma nami”. Part III

“Wilhelma nami” is an exclusive apartment building complex in heart of Old Riga, in address: Miesnieku street 13, 15 and 17. Buildings are included in the national list of cultural monuments. These houses in 17th and 18th century are built as warehouses – evidenced by unique architectural form of houses. The complex of buildings got its present name in honor of the entrepreneur Wilhelm Hatorpam, who built his first buildings on Miesnieku Street in XV century.

With all respect of the historical heritage, we conducted a thorough investigation of the buildings on Miesnieku street. Starting with the name of the Miesneiku street, which original meaning is `Butcher Street` and functions of buildings, we unveiled that people during the 15 th had somewhat depressive feeling about life in general. As a result, we choose not to go with the past, but rather lead architecture towards future.

We design a living space, which makes people develop their inner harmony and well-being. It is important that people feel like a part interior and they don`t appear like a piece of furniture. The concept idea will be based on the historical heritage while developing modern idejas using materiāls and colors to reflect light. A significant emphasis will be put on artificial lightning and cutting-edge technologies.

After analyzing the apartment complex`s functionality, we has decided to divide the apartment complex into three parts: Family apartaments, Couple aprtments, Couple + apartaments.

Interior architecture project includes light wooden flooring made out of long and wide planks, but walls and seilings will be painted in white. Specifical attention will be given to the moetal stairs and fairplace. For the living space a central and perimeter lighting will be used.

  • project type: house homplex
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • project leader: ģirts Kūla
  • architecture office: ARHIS (www.arhis.lv)
  • status: concept proposal
  • year: 2012
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