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Hotel in Moscow

Hotel in Moscow

There is a hypothesis that claims that any two people in the world are maximum of six handshakes away. Looking from this perspective, the world is really small. There is a believable reason to think that each of us could have a friend who lives in Moscow – in the city that never sleeps. It is so nice to meet friends, isn`t it? Therefore, this hotel interior design vision is to create a feeling that you come to visit a friend, rather than staying in a predictable hotel room.

The new hotel is located next to the impressive VDNKh exhibition center, which location served as an inspiration for the new interior design concept. Focusing on the 60th, when VDNKh underwent reconstruction, not only in content but also visually. The goal of the architecture that time opposed excessive luxury while modernizing the existing concept. This changing concept is incorporated into today’s hotel design. Based on the 60-ties interior design, we created the contemporary and modern face of a well know lollipop wrapped in the present paper. The interior brings to life the iconic elements from the 60ties, which are readable textile patterns, in textures and accessories. In addition, the furniture has been stylized to reflect the past while showing nowadays. Large format prints on vinyl wallpaper serve as a visual alternative to the real interior elements, like plants, bookshelf, and design accessories, which all together generate a homey and cozy atmosphere.

VDNK h park symbolically is a courtyard of friendship, where you can travel from the Arctic to Kamchatka, and much further. Similar to every VDNKh pavilion motive, which emphasized location identity, also hotel interior design tried to incorporate elements and material associated with the diversity of Russian culture. For example, we adapted birch motive from Karelia pavilion, concrete, glass, stainless steel and stone from the Moscow pavilion, tiles from the facade of Ukraine pavilion, cotton from the cotton pavilion, linen from linen pavilion.

In the 60s, fluorescent and bright colors were occurring all over. Starting from posters to peace symbols, and finally to a mini skirt and accessories. This color palette is used in the hotel concept.

In some places on the walls are found well-said, short and concise expressions of the friendship sayings. These phrases will motivate, inspire, and remind. These quotes serve as self-inspiring words.

  • project type: hospitality
  • area:
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • team: Diāna Kūla, Ilvars Jermacāns, Aleksandrs Dubovskis
  • 3D artist: Yurii Suhov
  • status: proposal
  • year: 2014
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