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Garden in Vecaki

Garden in Vecaki


This greenery project for an apartment building complex is located only 5 minutes from Vecaki beach – one of the most popular beaches in the vicinity of Riga. We drew inspiration from the surrounding environment – the sea, the beach, bentgrass, forest, and the rocky coast. These elements become the primary accents in the garden. Two apartment buildings with underground parking surround the courtyard. The largest part of the greenery is formed on top of the roof of the parking lot. There are many relaxation and recreation spots in the garden so that people from several apartments can spend their time there and not be bothered by others. An automatic watering system is installed throughout the garden, allowing to plant greenery on the southern side and above the parking which wouldn’t be possible otherwise. Lighting and several decorative metal grids bring character to the garden.

  • project type: private
  • landscape architect: Agenese Purviņa (greenin.lv)
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