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City within city. Co-working

City within city. Co-working

Without the city there wouldn`t be Teika district. Without Teika district there wouldn`t be “Jaunā Teika.” All are results of the city. The city becomes a starting point of co-working concept. The city comes into the co-working with all specific functions and structure of urban environment.

City prints.  With crayons marked sidewalks, facades and fences – a common view of city, which transforms into the interior in a monolithic finish that covers all planes – the floor, walls and ceiling. All the planes become a surface where to live a note – ideas and  sketches. Park in a city. A man is sitting on a bench in a park.  In unhurriedly and frame manner. Urban noise can be heard from a distance. He sits in a park and breathe in a nature – the park comes into the co-working like a herbs, plants and greens, which becomes as a generator of oxygen and also a finish for walls and ceiling. Background. You travel around the city. Facades of buildings, courtyards and advertising poles slips past your sight. It all comes together and creates image of a city. Offices in the co-working are like this merged urban background that doesn`t stand out, but is a important part of cities structure. Legends – streets are full of legends – historical, fictional and real – everyone of us could become a legend. Like Walter Caps, who is one of legends in the concept of Jaunā Teika. As well as we created a specific hero for the co-working, who embodies ambitions and a strong character. Courtyard. You sit in a courtyard and feel like a part of the city, but at the same time you are isolated from it. “Dark room” in the co-working is like a courtyard in city, which is bounded by opaque walls and confidentiality.

  • project type: office
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • team: Diāna Kūla, Dace Karole
  • area:
  • year: 2017
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