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Annvil`s Office on Alberta Street

Annvil`s Office on Alberta Street

Silent Center of Riga is a significant center of Art Nouveau in the world, which also known as the pearl of Riga’s Art Nouveau. All buildings on Alberta Street are national architectural monuments. Including building on Alberta Street 11, where Annvil office is located. This building is an example of national romanticism architecture, characterized by a temperate, but effectively articulate decoration of facade with different textured plaster, wood and other natural materials.

Historical fundament of architecture – the original flooring, cut orkel and wooden details serves as the main base of office interior design. Building inside is a place, where 20 and the 21st century meets.

Open – plan office concept built on the basis of color effect on human feelings. Environment and colors effect on the human as an internal feeling generator. They provide a comprehensive sense of variations, based on the unique effects of each color code. Each color gives vibrations and each of them emits a different energy, which significantly affects the human psyche and behavior. The bright colors in combination with fluorescent tones, brings more energy and leaves a positive effect on employee creative thinking. In tiny corners on the office walls, inconspicuous concise phrases are almost hidden. They serve to motivate, inspire and remind.

  • project type: office
  • area:
  • interior architect: Anna Butele
  • status: completed
  • year: 2012
  • photographer: Ingus Bajārs
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