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Muusu Terase has been opened

Muusu Terase has been opened

After analyzing the identity of location – relaxed atmosphere of Andrejsala, proximity to water and a panoramic view on the left bank of river Daugava, the interior concept embodies a light-hearted holiday mood.

The interior wittingly creates the feeling that it has been created independently, without the influence of external factors and that the place has existed for a long time. In addition, the interior embodies sustainable design values with a purpose to extend the life cycle of furniture by giving them the second life and new look.

The ceiling with mirrored panels, which has been taken from legendary restaurant “Sigulda” several years ago, has become the starting point for building the concept. This design element of the last century has given an impulse to the overall concept of the interior, which is dominated by re-used furniture and material.

Muuse Terrace is a branch of Muusu Restaurant located in Riga Old Town. The kitchen is managed by renowned chef Kaspars Jansons.

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