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Spot Studios project at “Big Design for Small Workspaces”

Spot Studios project at “Big Design for Small Workspaces”

“The significant and rapid trend toward small office design globally is a testament to increasing economic imperatives, where commercial rentals are often pushing business into innovative ways to manage and minimize their space and resources. Fast-evolving technological advances are making it even more possible for those seeking to start their own business, and who are also yearning for a creative, professional and inspiring office environment. Big Design for Small Workspaces combines form with function and presents innovative interior designs for offices with compact floor plans of around 3230 square feet (300 square meters). This book showcases a selection of richly photographed, sleek and modern solutions, and presents insightful design concepts and appealing examples of imaginative and resourceful spaces. This book will provide an essential source of inspiration for architects, interior designers, small business owners, the home-office renovator, and anyone looking to create s smart small office environment, ” writes book`s editor Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui.


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